The Missouri Grand Chapter Mission

The Missouri Grand Chapter is the only Grand Chapter accepted and authorized by the International Widows Sons Masonic Riding Association (WSMRA). To view chapters accepted by the International Widows Sons Masonic Riders Association click here  then click on the "Chapters" button on the left side of the page.

Chapters that receive their charter from the Missouri Grand Chapter are recognizable by their distinctive "Widows Sons ®" patch on the back vest. If you do not see our distinctive one piece patch with "Widows Sons" above the winged logo and the word "MASONS" below, the charter is not recognized by the Missouri Grand Chapter or the International Widows Sons Masonic Riding Association (WSMRA).

The Missouri Grand Chapter was formed at the request of the International Widows Sons Masonic Riders Association to assist in moving the WSMRA back to the grassroots of our founders. Our sole purpose is to support the "Masonic Widows and Orphans" fund in our state. Next is to promote Freemasonry, our brotherhood and the passion to ride. We are not a 1% club or MC. We are Masons, which is the largest, most respected, and oldest fraternal organization in the world.

Specifically, "The Missouri Grand Chapter," the authority chapter of Missouri, is placing an emphasis on our widows and orphans fund, brotherhood, and riding. We do not allow Missouri Grand Chapter board members to hold dual membership in another chapter within the State of Missouri because each chapter falls under the auspices of the Missouri Grand Chapter, and that would conflict with our structure. If you are a Mason who rides a 500cc or larger motorcycle, contact us about becoming a Widows Sons in Missouri.





Though we are not an MC or 1% club, we do recognize and respect their territories. The Widows Sons Grand Chapter of Missouri has communicated with the local dominant MC for the area and have explained our presence and purpose. We received approval for our distinctive one piece identifying patch worn on the back of our vest.  This distictive patch arrangement identifies you to all the local MC's and 1% clubs as a supporting member of the International Widows Sons Masonic Riding Association (WSMRA) and the Grand Chapter of Missouri. Tho old style configuration utilizing the oval and separate charter rocker below, is no longer recognized in the State of Missouri.

Our Founders

Our Mission



New or Existing Chapters




What we are:


  • Unified brothers
  • True brothers
  • Proud of our organization
  • Supportive of our brother's families
  • Adherent to WSMRA By-Laws
  • Riders



What we are not:


  • Deceptive to our Brothers
  • Self serving
  • Dismissive of WSMRA By-Laws.
  • Clique like.
  • Persuaded from the main focus of our brotherhood.

Like any organization, the Widows Sons may not be a fit for your lifestyle. We have an extremely strong emphasis on brotherhood and riding. This is not an organization focused on meetings. It is about being a brother, riding with your brothers and helping others.

 It is a privilege to be a Freemason and a Widows Son.